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Assignment4 - What were Charlemagne's personal(eating...

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What were Charlemagne's personal (eating, drinking, etc.) and work habits? How did they help shape his image as a strong ruler? Charlemagne was very temperate when it came to drinking but he was very fond of food and ate heartily. When he ate, he used to listen to music or readings from the past, which he was apparently very fond of (his favorite book was “The City of God” by Augustine). He also had the personal habit of waking up 4 or 5 times during the night and was very good in passing judgments whenever the “Count of the Palace” required him to. He enjoyed being in the springs, with his comrades and this even shows that he had strong bonds with his subordinates. He was also very dutiful and very responsible of all the tasks that were required of him. . It was stated in the account that Charlemagne was also a strong person, in that he enjoyed swimming and even boasted that no one could beat him in swimming. His habits not only show that he was a strong, responsible ruler, but it also showed what an ideal, Christian ruler should be like. Charlemagne was obviously a very
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