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In the first letter, what does Petrarch criticize about Cicero's behavior? I think the thing that Petrarch criticized the most about Cicero’s behavior was how he didn’t DO what he TOLD others to do. Petrarch says, “Alas! The wise counsel that you gave your brother and the salutary advice of your great masters, you forgot.” He basically says the same thing again in another paragraph, “What, pray, does it profit a man to teach others, and to be prating always about virtue, in high-sounding words, if he fails to give heed to his own instructions?” It seems that Petrarch regrets Cicero’s involvement in some disputable political affairs in the latter years of his life. He felt that in spite of everything Cicero said about virtue, his philosophies, etc, he didn’t live up to his own words and became too involved in “the wars of young men” all because of glory or maybe because of his “love of the republic” as Petrarch so nicely put. There was however, one more aspect of Cicero’s behavior that Petrarch deeply criticized. He
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