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Clas 5 reading 2

Clas 5 reading 2 - hat whatever the cause of oubtedly are...

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Unformatted text preview: hat whatever the cause of oubtedly are value to the the case, put e face on the cestry have a and, and the [CSC ancestry Itedly being 5 is to be dis— ;ot a stout to HOW TO SPOT A JAP “WWW” “cram 'WA m...mnurmua' 1am II "remnu warm II'GmeiJAPS.J' mmc umuTTHEsrzEOF mmmmm:u 5m —wmousnu=muum.muv amwuucmflu m m 1:: antenna: Mm w AID TEETH...C MALI-V HA9 many an- amns-J a» ”a: TEETH...“ mm mm WIN- “I.” WV EKPICTI'IDIIQD'I'... wuvwmwmmwm mmmv u: 9 Tip m up amen m saw: my um FEET...TIIE .9» won A W mum. Calm) uncle H! was must: ARMY snow... as mu. mum HAVE A was ems canvass me new up “can: mas...osreu am am we LEATHER era»- m new we ‘eerA‘ To ms r007... ”How to Spot a lap,” by Milton Canifl} 1943. G as aw. mm m COLOR-WHILE - J 1: LIGHTER-MORE on THE LEMON- . maps. at me Mesa-um; m wk on: mm-m : HAVE A man MI....J u» use iLANTE-D mm as Nose... wmvnwmmawomauw. cum murmur 5 A m mama ”Kn-MAI: we: MM mmmmuase wanes..m.nr sums (mum-am mu 1-:- m us my: mm am we .mmv... To sum «mm: JD um um fuel: ‘fllIHMIG manna: @ seer @ Pmuuanm Hi cm‘r Pm dill um ‘L"... mm on ANY '9‘ m WHO. ...
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