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Linguistics 100: Homework 7 Due at the beginning of class on Friday, October 23. Please clearly indicate any collaborators, use a computer or typewriter (but you may draw syntactic trees by hand!), staple if needed, and clearly explain your reasoning throughout. Problems 1-3: (6 points, 2 points each) In Language Files , chapter 5 (‘Syntax’), please do Exercises 11 (p. 225), 16 (p. 226), and 25 (p. 227). Problem 2: Swampy Cree (4 points) Study the sentences below from Swampy Cree. The first two (1a-b) are given with no discourse context; the others (2a-b and 3a-d) are given with a suggestion of the context. Boldface is used to direct your attention to certain words; it has no linguistic significance. (1) a. Nîso two awâsisak children kîsipwêhtêwak. left: 3pl ‘The two children left.’ b. Awa this awâsis child kîsipwêhtêw. left: 3sg ‘This child left.’ (2) a. Kînipahêw killed: 3sg nîso two pinêsîsa bird (In response to a question about what happened:) ‘He killed two birds.’ b.
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