Homework8 - Linguistics 100 Homework 8 Due at the beginning...

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Linguistics 100: Homework 8 Due at the beginning of class on Friday, October 30. Please use a computer, a stapler (if needed), and clarity. Group discussions and problem-solving are encouraged, as long as you identify your collaborators, but you must write up your assignment with no help or input from your collaborators. Your writing must be entirely your own. Problem 1: Cantonese phrase structure (3 points) Language Files File 5.4.4 discusses phrase structure rules: statements of the form ‘VP V NP’. That discussion is based on English. Examine the following ten Cantonese sentences: (1) Ngohdeih we yám-jó drank hóu very o many b¯ui cl chàh. tea ‘We drank many cups of tea.’ (2) Kéuih he/she sihk-jó ate leuhng two wún cl faahn. rice ‘She ate two bowls of rice.’ (3) that go cl léuihyán woman sung-jó sent ı this s¯aam three fan cl hóu very leng nice ge lnk láihmaht gift béi to ngóh. I/me ‘That woman sent these three very nice gifts to me.’ (4) Ngóh I/me sung-jó sent leuhng two fan cl láihmaht gift béi to that go cl léuihyán. woman ‘I sent two gifts to that woman.’ (5) that go cl nàahmyán man hái at ı this gàn cl ıýn hospital jouhsih. work ‘That man works at this hospital.’ (6) ı this go cl léuhyán woman hái at ınggwok England yáuh has pàhngyáuh. friend ‘This woman has friends in England.’ (7) Ngóh I/me gwa hang that leuhng two f¯uk cl an new ge lnk picture hái at godouh. there
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Homework8 - Linguistics 100 Homework 8 Due at the beginning...

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