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Homework6 - Linguistics 100 Homework 6 Due at the beginning...

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Linguistics 100: Homework 6 Due at the beginning of class on Friday, October 16. Please clearly indicate any collaborators, use a computer or typewriter, staple if needed, and clearly explain your reasoning throughout. Problem 1: Cyclicity in Spokane (6 points) Spokane, also called Npoqínišcn, is a Salishan language spoken in eastern Washington. This language has a phonological rule deleting vowels in a certain context. You should be able to figure out the context from the data in Table 1 below: underlying form surface form 1a / qéts < -il S / [qéts < l S ] ‘he ran’ run - aut 1b / k P w úl P - S i-t-um-en/ [k P w úl P S tmn] ‘I made you something’ make - redir-trans-2sgObj-1sg 1c / t P í S -n-t-en/ [t P í S ntn] ‘I sweetened it’ sweet - control-trans-1sg 1d /n- X él - S i-t-en/ [n X él S tn] ‘I’m afraid for him’ loc - fear - redir-trans-1sg 1e /n- míj -ts < in/ [nmíjts < n] ‘he knows his stories’ loc - know -mouth/food 1f /s- téw -ts < in/ [stéwts < n] ‘groceries’ nom - buy -mouth/food 1g / S el -mín-t-ex w / [ S lmíntx w ] ‘you used the axe to chop it’ chop - rel-trans-2sg 1h / S el -n-t-éx w / [ S lntéx w ] ‘you chopped it’ chop - control-trans-2sg 1i /t S < - S it P - S í-t-en/ [t S < S t P S ítn] ‘I guarded something for him’ loc - stand - redir-trans-1sg 1j /s- t P i S ì q/ [st P S á ì q] ‘huckleberry’ nom - sweet -fruit 1k /s- t P i S -a ì q-é ì p/ [st P ì p] ‘huckleberry bush’ nom - sweet -fruit-plant 1l / p P @S -e ì p-á X n/ [p P X n] ‘cattail mat’ scrape -plant-arm Table 1: Spokane vowel deletion: Basic examples Roots are given in boldface in underlying representations throughout this problem. 1 A [1 point]. Based on the data in Table 1, what is the context for vowel deletion? 1 In the first version of the assignment, the surface form in 1g had a typo (the [n] was in the wrong place). 1
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In the rest of this problem, you will find Spokane evidence for the cyclic interaction of morphology and phonology along the general lines discussed in the October 9 lecture. Specifically, you will find evidence for the following derivational sequence: Cycle 1 morphology Add suffixes to root phonology Cycle 1 phonological rules Cycle 2 morphology Add prefixes and the ‘repetitive’ morpheme phonology Cycle 2 phonological rules
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