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Problem set 6 - Q4 What do you understand by the term...

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BNFN 416 Investment Management Problem set 6 (Reference chapter 8) Q1) Critically discuss the relationship between The Efficiency Market Hypothesis’ and ‘Random Walk Hypothesis’. Q2) Critically evaluate the differences between ‘Technical Analysis’ and ‘Fundamental Analysis’. Q3) Critically discuss the statement: “If the weak form of the efficient market hypothesis is valid, must the strong form also hold? Conversely, does strong-form efficiency imply weak-form efficiency?”
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Unformatted text preview: Q4) What do you understand by the term ‘Version s of The EMH’? Q5) What would happen to market efficiency if all investors attempted to follow a passive strategy rather than active strategy? In your answer, also critically evaluate alternative ways of both small and big investors. Q6) Does the bulk of empirical evidence in relevant literature provide clear support for the efficient market hypothesis 1...
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