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Review QuestionsPROB-STOCH-EEI - satistic Give an example Q...

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REVIEW QUESTIONS FOR FINAL EXAM 12/08 A. Chapter 6: Some continuous probability distributions Q. 1 What is a normal distribution N ( μ,σ 2 ) and a normal random variable? What is the standard normal distribution and the standard normal random variables? What is the normal curve? Q. 2 if X is a random variable with the normal distribution N (2 , 4) , what is its mean and variance, and its standard deviation? Q. 3 What is the area under the normal curve between the ordinates x = x 1 and x = x 2 ? Give an example? Q. 4 Given a random variable Z with the standard normal distribution, use Table A.3 to indicate the area under the normal curve corresponding to P ( Z < z ) for values of z ranging from -3.49 to 3.49. Find the area under the curve that lies (a) to the right of z=1.84 and (b) between z=-1.97 and z=0.86. Exercices 1-14 page 157. Review all examples Chapter 8: Fundamental sampling Distributions and data descrip- tions Q. 5 Definition of a population and example? What is a sample? Give an example? What is a random sample ? Give an example? definition of a
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Unformatted text preview: satistic? Give an example? Q. 9: Central Tendency in sample; the sample mean. Q. 10 What is a random sample and its sample size? Q. 11 What is a sample variance? Give an example? Q. 12 A comparison of coffee prices at 4 randomly selected in HCM City showed increases from the previous month of 12, 15, 17 and 20 thousands VND for a kilogram bag. Find the variance of this random sampleof price increases. Q. 13 All examples in this Chapter and Exercises: 1-9 p. 200; 9-15 p.216; Q. 14 What is t-distribution? Q. 15 using table A.4 study examples 8.11-8.14. Q. 16 What is t-distribution used for ? Chapter 9: One and two-sample estimation problems Q. 17 What is estimation of population parameters? Give anexample? Q. 18 Definition of an unbiased estimator? Q. 19 What is the interval estimation? Confidence interval of μ ; σ known 1 (unknown)? Study Examples 9.2; 9.3; 9.4. Q. 20 Solve exercises 1-20, p. 245-246. 2...
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Review QuestionsPROB-STOCH-EEI - satistic Give an example Q...

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