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INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY-NATIONAL UNIVERSITY HOCHIMINH CITY DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS COURSE OUTLINE for INTRODUCTION TO PROBABILITY AND MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS FOR FIELD BIOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT Course Code: No. of Credits: Instructor: Prof. Nguyen Van Thu, D.Sc. A. COURSE OVERVIEW: 1. Course Objective : The course is designed to provide the begininng students with the major notions and techniques of probabilistic models and statistical methodology. 2. Prerequisite : Students should have completed one or two semetsters of differential and integral calculus and an exposure to matrix algebra. 3. Major Contents : 1. Probability: sample space, event, probability of event, additive rules,conditional probability, Bayers rules, random variables and their distributions, mathematical expectation, some discrete probability distributions, some continuous probability distributions, functions of random variables, independence. 2. Mathematical Statistics: Sampling distributions and data descriptions, estimation problems, test of hypotheses, linear regressions, factorial experiments, nonparametric statistics. 4. Assessment : Assignment and Class Attendance: 20% Midterm Test: 20% Final Exam: 60% 5. Documents : Main document: none References: 1. Ronald E. Walpole, Probability & Statistics for Engineers & Scientists,
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This note was uploaded on 10/28/2009 for the course MATH ma024 taught by Professor Thu during the Spring '09 term at Vienna EBA.

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