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final termtest106-07 - THE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY -...

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THE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY - VIETNAM NATIONAL UNIVERSITY - HCMC FINAL TEST Date: June 26, 2006 Duration: 90 minutes SUBJECT: PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS (IT) Head of Department of Mathematics Lecturer: Signature: Signature: Full name: Prof. Phan Quoc Khanh Full name: Prof. Nguyen Van Thu INSTRUCTIONS: All documents, except: 1. Dictionaries; 2. Scientific Calculators 3. Copies of Statistical Tables and Proofs, are not allowed . Question 1. (20 marks). Formulate definitions and give examples of the following concepts: (i) Populations,; (ii) Experiments and experimental data; (iii) Samples and sample space; (iv) Events of a sample space and their probability. Question 2. (20 marks) Consider the experiment of tossing successively twice a balanced die with 6 faces numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6. What is the sample space and what is the probability of the event which is consisted of pairs ( a,b ) of numbers such that a + b is an even number? Question 3. (20 marks)) Suppose that a student flips a coin and tosses a die and observes their occurrences. He flips the coin and then flipping it a 1
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second time if a head occurs. If a tail occurs on the first flip, then a die is tossed once. List the elements of the sample space and assign probabilities to the sample points. Question 4
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final termtest106-07 - THE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY -...

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