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THE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY(IU) - VIETNAM NATIONAL UNIVERSITY - HCMC MIDTERM TEST Date: April, 2006 Duration: 90 minutes SUBJECT: PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS Head of Department of Mathematics Lecturer: Signature: Signature: Full name: Prof. Phan Quoc Khanh Full name: Prof. Nguyen Van Thu INSTRUCTIONS: Dictionaries and Scientific Calculators allowed . Problem 1. (20 marks) . State the concepts of discrete probability distri- butions and continuous probability distributions. Give some examples. Problem 2. A die is loaded in such a way that an even number is five times as likely to occur as an odd number. Let E be an event that an even number turns up and let F be the event that a number divisible by 3 occurs. Find (a) (10 marks) . P ( E F ) (b) (10 marks) . P ( E F ) (c) (10 marks) . P ( E | F ). Problem 3. The probability that a married man watches a certain television show is 0.4 and the probability that a married woman watches the show is 0.6. The probability that a man watches the show, given that his wife does,
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This note was uploaded on 10/28/2009 for the course MATH ma024 taught by Professor Thu during the Spring '09 term at Vienna EBA.

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