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Unformatted text preview: 2009년 7월 토익 기출 변형 문제 101. David's deli has been ------- busy despite a general decrease in the number of people eating at restaurants. (A) well (C) very (B) only (D) soon 102. Once the executive board make a decision about the new office location, planning for the new ------- will start. (A) to build (C) build (B) builder (D) building 103. Using corporate e-mail accounts for personal reasons is discouraged ------- the administration. (A) by (C) on (B) to (D) from 104. Ms. Lytle will be rescheduling her plan for the seminar week because she has ------- many lectures to give. (A) much (C) too (B) highly (D) mostly 105. Mr. Harper decided to reserve his plane tickets early ------- he would be guaranteed a seat during the busy travel season. (A) even yet (C) in order (B) so that (D) in case 106. The CEO announced the ------- of Jane Wilson to the role of project development head last week. (A) division (C) permission (B) intention (D) promotion 107. The Employee Excellence Award distinguishes Tom for working the ------- of all staff in the department this year. (A) hard (C) hardest (B) harder (D) hardly 108. The new regulations for machine operation on the assembly line ------- on September 9. (A) are implementing (C) to implement (B) will be implemented (D) implement 109. The freelance position will be given to either Ted Kramer of Graphic Tough ------- Mary Walters, who illustrated our book last year. (A) or (C) and (B) but (D) either 110. The online language learning program that Mark developed allows students to correct their speaking errors by -------. (A) they (C) themselves (B) their (D) theirs 111. All monthly summary reports for the ------- fiscal quarter must be turned in no later than March 30. (A) current (C) direct (B) late (D) closed 112. Mr. Aronson ------- contracted by the same outsourcing agency for various projects over the past 10 years. (A) is (C) has been (B) has (D) could be 113. The law firm ------- the right to turn down cases when it is not in the best interest of the client or the firm. (A) continues (C) collects (B) turns (D) reserves 114. Garson Metal is ------- regarded as the top steel manufacturer in North America. (A) wider (C) widened (B) widely (D) widening 115. Because land near Long Lake is relatively -------, most families own a vacation home there. (A) affordable (C) directed (B) approximate (D) potential 116. Jinbo Energy has announced to ------- that its returns are likely to increase over the next few months. (A) invest (C) investing (B) investments (D) investors 117. Renovations to the stairwell in the building's main lobby are ------- finished. (A) nearly (C) daily (B) busily (D) early 118. Ms. Jameson is shopping for an outfit that is both ------and professional to wear to her presentation at the fundraising banquet. (A) elegance (C) elegantly (B) elegant (D) most elegantly 119. Patients should ------- copies of all their medical reports, test results, and x-rays for their records. (A) retain (C) resist (B) imitate (D) support 120. Plastics manufacturing has ------- been an important part of the small city’s industrial development. (A) history (C) historical Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. (B) historian (D) historically 2009년 7월 토익 기출 변형 문제 121. Exceptional organizational and leadership skills and ------- to detail are needed for the coordinator job. (A) alternative (C) requirement (B) attention (D) guidance 122. The critic gave the restaurant an above average review because of the ------- of the kitchen and the excellent service. (A) clean (C) cleanliness (B) cleanly (D) cleanest 123. Joseph will be moved to the international relations division ------- he has finished learning about international business regulations. (A) while (C) then (B) after (D) that 124. Genetically modified crops have significant ------to revitalize agriculture on the African continent. (A) potential (C) indication (B) proposal (D) mark 125. A travelling scientist from Singapore has been asked to visit the electrical plant's ------- research facility. (A) innovate (C) innovative (B) innovates (D) innovatively 126. An analysis ------- yesterday to the public says that even though there has been improvement from last year, the recession is still underway. (A) controlled (C) managed (B) achieved (D) released 127. Plus one Realty is prepared to suggest local architects and remodeling companies to its clients upon -------. (A) request (B) question (C) knowledge (D) curiosity 128. Economics expert Gene Willers, ------- most recent findings were published this week, will talk about consumer trends in cities of underdeveloped nations. (A) what (B) whom (C) whose (D) whatever 129. Under ------- and board chairman of the corporation, Roger Mattson, the business has expanded into Asia. (A) founder (C) foundation (B) found (D) founded 130. A workshop on teamwork will be ------- from 1 P.M. to 3 P.M. in the Jasmine Hall. (A) offered (C) passed (B) exhibited (D) donated 131. ------- all the candidates, Mr. Aronson is definitely the most experienced person for the job. (A) In (C) Of 132. (B) At (D) Out Business Journal recently compared over 30 accounting software programs ------- user-friendliness and efficiency. (A) in order to (C) similar (B) according to (D) allowing 133. Drawn to the region by the increase in English speakers, Broad Communications ------- to Manila, Philippines next year to open a call center. (A) relocated (C) will relocate (B) to relocate (D) was relocated 134. Our team has ------- confidence in our recent product to outshine the competitors. (A) absolute (C) eventual (B) productive (D) informative 135. Record sale of the singer's most current album is a direct result of the ------- of her PR staff's creative work. (A) happiness (C) prosperity (B) effectiveness (D) satisfaction 136. Our property manager pointed out that a new office building is easier to find and requires ------- repairs. (A) few (C) quite (B) often (D) any 137. The stock's recent increase in ------- is mostly due to efforts of the finance committee. (A) profited (C) to profit (B) profitable (D) profitability 138. Janet was sent to the overseas branch in Tokyo last fall, but will be returning to the main office in New York to ------- her work. (A) function (C) withdraw (B) gather (D) resume 139. Please indicate on the form ------- you would like to be contacted by phone or by e-mail if there is a change in schedule. (A) than (C) whereas (B) whether (D) such 140. All tray tables should be ------- stowed before our flight begins its descent into Boston. (A) properly (C) faintly Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. (B) originally (D) moderately 2009년 7월 토익 기출 변형 문제 Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter. Becky Sanders 1825 Newport Road Augusta, GA 30901 Questions 147-149 refer to the following article. Advertising in the Fast Lane Dear Ms. Sanders, Over the past year, Newberry Records ads have been showing up on highways around the country, which in ------- is a conventional way to market products. 147. (A) itself (B) it (C) theirs (D) them Thank you for your letter dated September 6. We will of course gladly issue you a refund or replace any unit that is not working properly. It is very simple to ------- any ICT 141. (A) buy (B) acknowledge (C) return (D) collect Electronics product. All you need to do is take your receipt ------- the purchased item to one of our retail 142. (A) side by side (B) nearby (C) as much as (D) along with stores, where one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you. We always work closely with our manufacturers to ensure the quality of our products, but occasionally a defective product does slip through. I’d like to extend our ------- apologies, 143. (A) more sincere (B) sincerely (C) sincerity (D) sincere and we look forward to your continued business in the future. Sincerely, Andrew Stephens Questions 144-146 refer to the following article. Scientists Examine the Role of Exercise in Memory and Energy Many people believe ------- exercise can improve 144. (A) how (B) that (C) why (D) which memory and boost energy. In order to determine whether such ------- could be scientifically proven, 145. (A) growth (B) benefits (C) attempts (D) proof researchers recently conducted a study. Scientists chose nine adults who do not regularly exercise and started them on an exercise program for four weeks. On the first day, the subjects were asked to repeat number sequences as a memory test. Then the same type of test was given at the end of the program. The scientists found that the subjects were more accurate and ------146. (A) energy (B) energies (C) energize (D) energetic after the four weeks. Therefore, the scientists concluded that exercise is highly effective at promoting brain activity and boosting energy. By Nancy Chang But ------- highway advertising has been around for many 148. (A) whenever (B) although (C) however (D) either decades, Newberry is not approaching it in the traditional way; instead, the company is utilizing automobiles as its mode of display. “We had to come up with a way to make people ------- our brand,” says William Alder, 149. (A) reuse (B) review (C) replace (D) remember Newberry spokesperson and creator of the new ad campaign. “So we decided to use mobile billboards. When our vehicles pass people on the street, heads turn. What they see is the name Newberry.” Questions 150-152 refer to the following e-mail. From: Grace Strickland To: All staff Date: July 27, 2009 Subject: Bailey Leadership Award I’d like to congratulate this year’s recipient of the Bailey Leadership Award, Patrick Chen. As most of you know, this honor ------- to the manager who has shown superior 150. (A) gives (B) is given (C) has been giving (D) will give skills in organization and motivation. Under the guidance of Mr. Chen, the software team successfully met every deadline while consistently demonstrating innovative genius. ------- Mr. Chen’s team was able to design three 151. (A) In that case (B) If so (C) For instance (D) On the contrary entirely new software products this year. All of those who work with Mr. Chen realize that this ------- is but one 152. (A) category (B) guideline (C) decision (D) achievement example of his discipline and quest for perfection. I hope you will join the honoring of him this Thursday, July 30, in the Grand Ballroom of the Hermitage Hotel from 6:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2009년 7월 토익 기출 변형 문제 101 C 102 D 103 A 104 C 105 B 106 D 107 C 108 B 109 A 110 C 111 A 112 C 113 D 114 B 115 A 116 D 117 A 118 B 119 A 120 D 121 B 122 C 123 B 124 A 125 C 126 D 127 A 128 C 129 A 130 A 131 C 132 B 133 C 134 A 135 B 136 A 137 D 138 D 139 B 140 A 141 C D C 142 D A D 143 D B 144 B D 145 B B 146 151 147 152 148 149 150 ※ 해설은 http://www.Hackers.co.kr 에서 확인하세요. Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. ...
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