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Laura Choate 11/7/07 English 109H Section 7 Annotated Bibliography Loomba, Ania. Shakespeare, Race, and Colonialism. Ed. Peter Holland, Stanley Wells. New York: Oxford, 2002. In this book, Ania Loomba examines how stereotypes and other beliefs about skin color and religion together show the differences of race. Ania Loomba develops her thesis by examining multiple claims about race in relation to Shakespeare’s Othello and either agreeing or refuting through evidence from the time period or analysis from the play. Loomba points out that it is “impossible, but also unnecessary, to decide whether Othello is more or less ‘African’/’black’ than ‘Turkish’/Muslim” (92). She states that “ Othello allows us to see that skin colour, religion, and location were often contradictorily yoked together within ideologies of ‘race’” (93). Loomba states this in order to prove that race was not the determining factor in all that Othello did, but complicated his actions. Loomba is addressing people interested in Shakespearean literature in that it focuses on Shakespeare and the racial issue in Othello . This piece is useful to me in its analysis of the part Othello’s race plays a part in the actions he takes throughout the
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Annotated Bibliography - Laura Choate 11/7/07 English 109H...

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