Review question 1 2 4 - Mr. Chayanin Gomasathit ( Cannon )...

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Mr. Chayanin Gomasathit ( Cannon ) 10973314 1. Describe three factors that would cause a company to continue doing business in traditional ways and avoid electronic commerce. 1. When you need to negotiate with buyer and seller traditional ways is better than E-commerce. For example, my friend is working in Plastic machine injection industry she work as a sell person in the company, yes I admit that she posted her advertisement online sometime but that does not work that well. So, she spend most of her time approaching customers in their own factory every single day, keep asking them how the business is going how much machine do you have, do you need to expand the production, will you buy our plastic injection machine in the future. I would say approaching customer face to face, keep in touch and negotiate with buyer is better than E-commerce in this case. 2. Secondly, I would say cloth and fashion industry is not good to go online. I heard unsuccessful a story about shopping online, there is one shopping mall in
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Review question 1 2 4 - Mr. Chayanin Gomasathit ( Cannon )...

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