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Unformatted text preview: 1 Sociology 001 Work Announcements Readings for this week: (all on ilearn): McIntosh, Feagin, Messner, Obama (Soph Year – The Day Before Thanksgiving) Assignments: Community study, video/photo essay due July 14th via ilearn. July th via Themes The theme self-proclamation is symbolic of the competitive, The first person narratives that are prevalent throughout various forms of Black music. In songs of self-proclamation, rappers claim themselves or their group to be the best, whether at rapping, making music, sex or other activities. The categorization of other includes the remaining songs that are songs of special concerns. These songs are diverse in their topics, but include environmental concerns, vegetarianism, and are sometimes presented in the forms of instrumentals, speeches, and dedications. instrumentals, Themes & Frequencies Lecture 1 - Introduction 5 Pager’s Study With Criminal Record Stacking, Steering, Flipping, Flipping, Stereotyping Pairing –L-W-B NYC job ads Lecture 1 - Introduction 6 Kmec’s Study Job w/i a company White and non-white White Male and female Male Pay “gap” Pay Whiteness Group responses to domination Withdrawal Passing Acceptance vs. resistance Life Chances, Mobility, & Wealth Education Getting a Job Promotion Class Mobility Wealth Lecture 1 - Introduction 10 Race and Work Networks Niches Racial Enclaves Income vs. Wealth Income in the uality Ineq place Work n Exclusio nd tunity a Oppor Does racism still exist? Kirscherman and Neckerman Kirscherman Royster The Case of Sports History of Integration Whose where? In what positions? Group Relations Pluralism Segregation and Discrimination Racial conflict Prejudice, discrimination and the New Racism Prejudice, Lecture 1 - Introduction • 14 Roberts vs. Texaco Male coworkers with less experience and education Male consistently earned more than she did. Compared to other employees, Roberts discovered she was paid between 15 and 50 percent less. between Roberts thought of leaving the company to find better Roberts employment instead of pursuing legal action. employment "I'm not going to sue this company," Roberts said, "I'm recalling her analysis of the situation. "[Texaco] is too big and I'm too small and this isn't going to work." big Roberts' fears did not last, however. She launched a Roberts' class action lawsuit in 1994. She later realized that she represented 1,400 African Americans at Texaco who were underpaid. An insider release of "the black jelly bean tapes" revealed top personnel making racist and sexist remarks. The recordings revealed statements of stonewalling documents that were to be turned over to the government. to Bari-Ellen Roberts Black plaintiff in lawsuit that showed racial discrimination in hiring and promotion at Texaco. Texaco lost the case and had to pay $176 million in Texaco damages. After the release of the tapes, Texaco lost $1 billion in the stock market in three days. $1 15 Announcements Read (all on ilearn): McIntosh, Feagin, Messner, Obama (Soph Year – The Day Before Thanksgiving) ...
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