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lec 14 notes - 1 Sociology 001 Colorblindness& White...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Sociology 001 Colorblindness & White Privilege 2 Announcements Reading: Marriage and Family (Ch 14), Brooks on Macking (ilearn), Obama (The Months Passed – End) Lecture 1 - Introduction 3 Pager’s Study With Criminal Record Stacking, Steering, Flipping, Flipping, Stereotyping Pairing –L-W-B NYC job ads Lecture 1 - Introduction 4 Kmec’s Study Job w/i a company White and non-white White Male and female Male Pay “gap” Pay Lecture 1 - Introduction 5 Race and Work Networks Niches Racial Enclaves Income vs. Wealth Income Whiteness 1 of My Favorites Peggy McIntosh Peggy The Invisible The Knapsack Knapsack Old Racism Psychological abnormality (Thomas 1904) Example of instinctive knee-jerk Ideological manipulation (Allport 1954) Result of misrepresentations, ignorance, and the Result propogation of false knowledge When white people say “justice” they mean “just us.” Black American folk aphorism New Racism Wellman 1977 So racism is the culturally sanctioned protection of white So advantage whether intentional or unintentional Racism maintains the status quo such that some groups are disadvantaged and others are simultaneously advantaged advantaged There is no such thing as neutral action, policy has There differing impacts upon groups of people based upon their social position, gender, sexuality and racial designation The Sweetest Persuasion: Paternalism “[Paternalism] It is a powerful ideological mold that [Paternalism] offers the most efficient and gratifying means for the social control of relationships between unequal groups. The attitude structure that it comprises-the combination of positive feelings for a group with discriminatory intentions for the group…the abiding quest [of paternalism] is to preserve an amicable relationship with subordinates and thus to preempt or subvert conflict (Jackman 1994:11).” White Invisibility and Privilege Whiteness as the normative standard Assimilation (immigrants) – from colored to white Whiteness as beyond the knowing of “others” The NORMative standard American (“no-hyphen”) – crime, the race card Hughes’ theory of characteristics and status – Hughes’ whiteness creates no contradictions or dilemmas in a positive sense positive Status quo or business as usual Go Back Home For whites, home is America but for other groups home is somewhere else and somewhere “backward” relative to America “backward” Experts Whites are experts of all others, legitimate But others are not experts on whites Creator has the power to define Creator A Double Standard In baseball, hockey, tennis vs. football and basketball Franchise owners vs. high paid athletes White rule vs. affirmative action Flip side to the coin Rather than their being a cost to skin color, for whites Rather there is a benefit or advantage there This advantage, known as white privilege, is This generally invisible and claimed to be neutral, operating as “natural” and without the knowledge and deliberate actions of whites deliberate White Privilege But if otherness carries auxiliary characteristics and But statuses-images of hypersexuality/asexuality, criminality/model, having “attitude”/no attitude/passive, laziness, amoral, etc… then whiteness also carries baggage and status whiteness In the same way that whiteness defines the Other, In the Other reveals whiteness as its opposite Zero-Sum Game Competition over scarce resources or the Competition presumption of this activates individual and group behavior to protect what one has, regardless of their social position social Minority gains are threats to white advantage; Minority someone has to win and another has to lose someone 20 Colorblindness Blind to what? What is impact on interaction? • What is impact on structure? • What is impact on life chances? 21 Announcements Reading: Marriage and Family (Ch 14), Brooks on Macking (ilearn), Obama (The Months Passed – End) ...
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