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02 Accounts - BOL Training Worksheets UCLA Logon IDs Read...

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Unformatted text preview: BOL Training Worksheets 11/28/2007 UCLA Logon IDs Read the Accounts articles in the Training section on the Portal. When asked about particular pages on the BOL website, read and make sure you understand those pages. 1. What is the URL for the page that explains Bruin OnLine service eligibility?       2. Who can create a Logon ID?       3. Who is eligible for Bruin Online services?       4. Who is not eligible for Bruin Online services?       5. What is the URL for the page on departmental email accounts?       6. What is the URL for the page on group and organizational email accounts?       7. What are the URLs for more information on visiting scholars?       8. When does access for the following accounts types expire? a. Regular accounts       b. Visiting scholar accounts       c. Departmental, group, and organizational accounts       d. ASUCLA accounts       9. What is the URL for the Logon ID page?       10. What are the five Logon ID utilities available?       BOL Training Worksheets 11/28/2007 11. If a user is unable to reset their password online, what other methods are available?       12. When might an account need to be “reactivated”?       13. What is the URL for the page on email aliases?       14. What is an email alias?       15. Where do users go to create an email alias?       16. Give an example of a valid and an invalid email alias.       ...
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