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06 Mailman - 6 You have a department mailing list where...

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BOL Training Worksheets 12/12/2007 Mailman Mailing List Visit and read the  Mailing list  page in the  Services  section on the BOL website as well as the  Mailman  Mailing Lists  page in the  Training  section on the Consultant Portal. 1. What is the URL for the administrative interface of the test list  [email protected] ? 2. Go to that URL and log in. 3. Add yourself to the mailing list.  How did you do this? 4. Remove yourself from the mailing list.  How did you do this? 5. A list owner wants to configure their list so that subscribers can send each other large messages with  attachments.  How do you change the maximum size of messages? a. How do you turn of message size limits?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. You have a department mailing list where anyone subscriber can post. The Chancellor wants to be able to post to the list without subscribing. How do you do this? 7. Recent list messages between subscribers are generating complaints from others. You decide that list messages need to be approved before they are distributed to the list. What settings do you need to change? 8. You have a list where you allow people to self-subscribe. A certain user keeps subscribing, even after you remove them from the list. How do you ban this user from subscribing to the list?...
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