08a Email - account configuration window (e.g. for Outlook...

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BOL Training Worksheets 1/11/2008 Email Overview Visit and read the  Email Access  pages and subpages in the  Services  section on the BOL website. 1. What are some differences between IMAP and POP3? 2. What email protocol does Bruin OnLine recommend? Why? 3. What is the current mail quota? 4. What is the largest message size that Bruin OnLine will accept? a. Generally, what is the maximum size of an attachment? 5. What email applications does Bruin OnLine support for Windows computers? 6. What email applications does Bruiin OnLine support for Macintosh computers? Email Clients Use the BOL website (Help Center, Services) and the Consultant Portal (KnowledgeBase, Training) to  help you with the following questions and tasks. 1. You will need to be familiar with  ALL  email clients supported by Bruin OnLine. Set up both  POP3  and  IMAP  email accounts in the following email clients, and  note how you reached each client’s 
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Unformatted text preview: account configuration window (e.g. for Outlook 2003: Tools menu > Email Accounts… ) Note: Yes, there are a lot of them, and yes, a lot of them are REALLY similar. The point of this task is for you to get familiar with the clients and their differences. If you are already familiar with a particular client (i.e. you can create accounts in and configure them fully from memory), then feel free to skip it. Otherwise, get familiar with it! a. Windows XP: i. Outlook 2003 ii. Outlook Express BOL Training Worksheets 1/11/2008 iii. Thunderbird (Windows) iv. Eudora (Windows) v. Netscape/Mozilla/SeaMonkey (Windows) Note: These three software suites are pretty much identical. b. Windows Vista: i. Windows Mail ii. Outlook 2007 c. Mac OS X: i. Apple Mail ii. Thunderbird (OS X) iii. Eudora (OS X) iv. Netscape/Mozilla/SeaMonkey (OS X)...
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08a Email - account configuration window (e.g. for Outlook...

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