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Security, Territory, Population Human beings as a species – societies take note – influence political strategy Power is not founded on itself/influenced by itself Mechanisms of power are an intrinsic part of all relationships All discourse is underscored by imperative discourse Security Three stages of modulation 1. prohibition (you must not kill/steal) and punishment (hanging/banishment) legal/judicial mechanism 2. same law, but now framed by supervisions/checks/inspections: is it possible to tell if someone is going to steal beforehand, identify him; punishment will be
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Unformatted text preview: exercises/transformation of guilty person (obligatory work, moralization, correction) surveillance/correction: disciplinary mechanism 3. preventative measures, punishment governed by statistics, proportions, comparative costs (What is avg rate of criminality? What will it cost to punish him? Is it even possible to reeducate him?) apparatus of security : inserts phenomenon into a series of probable events, into a calculation of cost, and into an acceptable bandwidth and optimal average history of disciplinary technique vs. history of technologies...
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