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Lander Vu LS1 assignment - 3 One of the characteristics...

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Lander Vu Wolf Life Science 1 April 27, 2009 Week 4 Demo Assignment 1. rRNA is chosen as the most appropriate DNA sequence for generating the phylogeny of living organisms because it is included in all three kingdoms of life: the Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya. It is also thoroughly studied so we can deduce a lot of information from it. 2. The authors felt it was necessary to provide a new hierarchical system for naming organisms was because they felt the old descriptions of life had become outmoded and therefore misleading.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. One of the characteristics that was used to group Archaea and Eukarya together is the archaebacterial versions of molecules resemble their eukaryotic homologs more than their eubacterial ones. Also, among the ribosomal proteins there are even cases where the archaebacterial and eukaryotic homologs have no apparent counterpart among the eubacteria (29, 30). 4. BT-corn was developed to kill corn borers. Another example of genetically modified foods is soybeans. 5....
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