Psych100B Method1 Lander Vu - through the list of words....

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Interference of Visual 1 Running head: INTERFERENCE OF VISUAL STIMULI Interference of Visual Stimuli Lander Vu University of California, Los Angeles
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Abstract This study explored the effects of interference on visual stimuli and whether reaction time of the participant to recognize the stimuli would be affected. The participants were mainly college students who did the experiment for a class requirement. The Independent Variable (IV) was the level of interference, defined in this experiment by the incongruous pairing of color and word choice. The Dependent Variable (DV) is defined as the reaction time of the participants to read
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Unformatted text preview: through the list of words. This one-way, within subjects experiment tested two different situations where one would induce interference and the other would be neutral. Participants were told to take part in both situations to have two separate reaction times to compare. We found that the incongruous combination of words and color caused a slower response time in participants than stimuli without interference. Interference of Visual 2 Interference of Visual Stimuli Interference of Visual 3...
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Psych100B Method1 Lander Vu - through the list of words....

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