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HD2610: Exam 1 Review JEOPARDY There will be two games of jeopardy, thirty questions each. Within each game there are six categories, five questions in each category. Make sure you explain to your students that when they request a question, they have to say: e.g. Boobs or Bucks for 300. Category 1: Elaine is Pure Evil Game 1 100 – This refers to gradual changes in development rather than abrupt changes in development. What is _______? Answer: Continuity 200 – Emotion regulation is ______ What is _______? Answer: Particularistic 300 – The notion of basic emotions is an example of what kind of development? What is _______? Answer: Universal 400 – Gender roles are _____, in that they are culturally bound. What is _______? Answer: Particularistic 500 – This theorist believed that children should be controlled. What is _______? Answer: Thomas Hobbes
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Category 1: Elaine is Pure Evil Game 2 100 – Rousseau believed that children are inherently _____, and therefore human nature is _____ What is _______? Answer: Good; Good 200 – Rousseau's idea that society corrupts children and Hobbes's view that children are inherently selfish reflects which popular debate in development? What is _______? Answer: Nature vs. Nurture 300 – This person believed that children are neither good nor bad. What is _______? Answer: John Locke 400 – This term refers to the interaction of genes and environment. What is _______? Answer: Holistic Interactionism 500 – 'Behavior, environment, and person interacting' describes which concept? What is _______? Answer: Reciprocal Determinism
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