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Discussion #1 9.30.09 Goals of Psychological Reseach: -trying to describe thinking and behavior -establish a relationship between cause and effect “Empirical Research”=direct observation “Theory”= try and explain what we observe (we can never prove) -A good theory has a predictive power, is simple and straight forward, and does the research without redoing work “Hypothesis” =smaller version of your theory, in order to corroborate your theory
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Unformatted text preview: • “Ethics”= value vs. potential cost, informed content • “Falsifiable Theory” able to be proven incorrect, used to describe a good theory • “Inductive Reasoning”= begin with a serious of expirences, find a pattern and induce a general rule; goes from specific ->general • “Deductive Reasoning”=begin with general rules and facts, apply general rule of logic, derive a conclusion; general -> specific...
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