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Discussion3 - -Blind Spots where the optic nerve exits the...

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Discussion #3 10.14.09 1. “ESP”= Extra Sensory Perception (ex: psychic reading, psychic healing, telepathy), similar to FC and Clever Hans Amazing Randi (famous magician) set out to disprove psychics -wrote book to disprove Israeli “magic man” Uri Gellar -Gellar went on Johnny Carson’s the Late Show, and was disproven when he was not able to used his own props -Popoff Ministry: evangelical healing, when really it was just a wife reading out the participants illnesses into a earpiece and the husband would “heal” them. -Miss Cleo is in jail for a similar fraud 2. Vision Structure of the eye: -Light enters, hits the lens (clear and colorless) -Focus light rays to retina (Retina is in the back of the eye) -Lens is like a movie projector -Millions of light sensitive cells - Fovea (center of retina) is for detailed vision - Rods see black and grey and are for dim conditions - Cones see color (need more light) but are better for normal seeing
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Unformatted text preview: -Blind Spots : where the optic nerve exits the eye, no photo receptors • How We See Color -Theory #1 : Tri Chromatic- We see through three types of cones, sensitive to Blue, Green and Red.-Theory #2 : Opponent Process- We see through contrast of opposite colors; when you see red for a long time, green receptors are annihilated. -Theory #3 : Retinex- we perceive color relative to the colors of things around us. • Color Blindness:-recessive gene on the X-Chromosome (more males get it than females)-Fovea lacks certain cones, usually red/green (rarely all colors) • Signal Detection Theory: like haring tests taken in grade school (DIAGRAM) • Perception: Subliminal Perception-Present brief subconscious stimulus that may influence behavior-we do perceive them, but no evidence that it helps marketing...
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Discussion3 - -Blind Spots where the optic nerve exits the...

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