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BioMI 2900 General Microbiology Lectures Fall 2008 Mid-Term Exam Page 1 of 5 PRINT NAME: ___________________________________ Multiple-choice questions are worth 2 points each. Part I. General Briefly define or describe in the context of the lectures presented in this course (2 points each). 1. Banded Iron Formations (BIFs). Layered iron oxide-containing rock formations found around the world which were deposited before ~1.8 GYA. It is proposed that BIFs formed during a time when oxygen produced by oxygenic photosynthesis was reacting with reduced iron in the oceans forming the iron oxide precipitates. When all the iron in the oceans was consumed the O 2 could then accumulate in the atmosphere which it did after 2 GYA. 2. Universal Phylogenetic Tree of Life. A diagrammatic representation of the genetic relatedness of all cellular organisms based sequence similarity between on highly conserved, functionally constant genes found in all organisms ( e.g. small or large subunit rRNA, ATPase, heat shock proteins, etc.). The universal tree shows three domains-- Archaea, Bacteria and Eukarya, which branch from a hypothetical last universal ancestor(LUCA). 3. Proton Motive Force (PMF). An energized state of a membrane created by the expulsion of protons (H+) to the outside of the membrane usually through the action of electron flow in an electron transport system or the hydrolysis of ATP. PMF is used by prokaryotic cell for ATP synthesis, active transport, and motility. 4.
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micro - BioMI 2900 General Microbiology Lectures Mid-Term...

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