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ENEL 647 Project report description based on Dr. Haslett ENEL 647 report descriptions Note: the following description may not fit all projects and should be treated as guidance and may be modified to fit special cases. However the report should not show large discrepancies between simulated and expected performance. Typical length of a report: 10-15 pages 1) Introduction and motivation for the work Literature review, description of target specifications 2) Basic theory and circuit topology If possible derive equations using simple models for transistors and passive devices
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Design Show process to design for target specifications 4) Simulations results Electrical behaviour, noise, distortions, power consumption, dynamic range, etc as applicable 5) Discussions Compare simulations with theory where possible Discuss design trade-offs, process variations etc 6) Conclusions and suggestions for future work Potential projects: folded cascade op amp, op amp to drive capacitive loads, RF circuits (LNAs, mixers, etc), variable gain amplifiers, any other acceptable projects related to theses....
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