English Journal #5 - male gender than what they originally...

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Pappas 1 Kelcie Pappas 1/19/07 Section 14 JA #5 My view on gender is very concrete and simple. I believe that if you are born either the male or female sex, then you should act that way and not steer far from it. I do not think that a person can consider themselves a certain sex but the opposite gender at the same time. If someone is a male than he should act as if he were a man and if a female should carry herself as a woman. I don’t think people take enough pride in there gender today predominantly with males. At least from my point of view, I don’t see why a man would want to cause confusion with not only himself but with society about which gender he is. It really does not need to be this confusing; people just need to accept the anatomy that they were born with and give up trying to be more like the other gender. I can understand if a person is a homosexual and considers themselves more of a female or
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Unformatted text preview: male gender than what they originally are, but I do not believe that a heterosexual can walk around saying that they are the opposite gender than what they really are. I do no feel resistant to any rules of gender because I have accepted and am extremely prideful in being a man. I believe all males and females should feel the same about what they are. If you are born into this world a man or woman, then that is what you are meant to be and there is nothing more to it. I cannot recall any time in my life that I wanted to take part in a female activity and was restricted because I am a male because all my interests involve things that are accepted within the male sex. I do not mean to come off arrogant about this issue but I just feel like everyone should be proud of who and what they are no matter what circumstances they were given. Pappas 2...
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English Journal #5 - male gender than what they originally...

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