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AERSP 313 Short Computer Assignment No. 1 Assigned Sept. 8, 2009 Due Sept. 22, 2009 General Instructions: The purpose of these short computer assignments is to help you review your programming skills and to prepare for the two main computer projects. Try to do this on your own with help from me or the TAs. Simply copying someone else’s code won’t help. For this assignment, as well as future computer assignments, attach a print out of your code with comments. Assignment: We discussed in class the “geometric” interpretation of the trapezoidal
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Unformatted text preview: rule applied to the integral, 1 Z x 2 dx = 1 3 Write a computer code that first uses the trapezoidal rule and then Simp-son’s rule to evaluate this integral. Use a step size of h = 0 . 05. How many points does that give you for the trapezoidal and the Simpson’s rule? Com-pare your computer derived answer to the exact answer and briefly explain the reason why. Attach your computer code....
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