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Aerospace 301: Aerospace Structures I HW #1 Date Assigned: Monday, August, 24 2009 Due Date: Monday, August 31, 2009 by 9:05 am STRUCTURAL VERIFICATION 1. FAR Part 23 a) What is the default factor of safety prescribed in PAR Part 23? In what section is it found? b) Find a situation in which a higher, or additional, factor is required. Describe it, and list the section in which it is found. c) What design values for material strength should be used, in what situations? What section describes these? 2. NASA LaRC Wind Tunnel Model Systems Criteria
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Unformatted text preview: a) What general material properties should be used in analysis? (i.e. “typical,” “minimum,” etc.) b) What are the key parts of a required stress analysis? c) What factor(s) of safety must be used for components made from metallic materials? d) What are the key parts of the “Stress Report,” a subset of the “Model Systems Report”? 3. ANGEL Please update your personal profile on ANGEL to include a photo of yourself. A clear “head shot” is to be preferred to other kinds of photos that you might be inclined to post....
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