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AERSP 301: HW #4 Bending of Beams Assigned: Wednesday, September 16 2009 Due: Wednesday, September 23 2009 Problem 1: A thin-walled, cantilever beam of unsymmetrical cross-section supports shear loads at its free end. Calculate the value of direct stress at the extremity of the lower flange (point A) at a section half-way along the beam if the position of the shear loads is such that no twisting of the beam occurs. Problem 2: A thin-walled cantilever has a constant cross-section of uniform thickness with the dimensions shown below. It is subjected to a system of point loads acting in the planes of the walls of the section in the directions shown. Calculate the direct stress according to the basic theory of bending at the points 1, 2 and 3 of the cross-section at the built-in end and half-way along the beam. Illustrate your
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Unformatted text preview: answer by means of a suitable sketch. 80 N 100 mm 24 mm 36 mm 1.25 mm Thick 1.25 mm Thick 3 50 N 50 N 100 mm 1 2 y x 800 N 400 N 2000 mm 40 mm 100 mm 80 mm 2 mm Thick 1 mm Thick A Problem 3: A uniform cantilever of arbitrary cross-section and length l has section properties Ixx, Iyy, and Ixy with respect to the centroidal axes shown below. It is loaded in the vertical plane (yz) with a uniformly distributed load of intensity w/unit length. The tip of the beam is hinged to a horizontal link which constrains it to move in the vertical direction only (provided that the actual deflections are small). Assuming that the link is rigid, and that there are no twisting effects, calculate: a. The force in the link; b. The deflection of the tip of the beam. y x z w/unit length C L Cantilever!!!!!!!! @ this END!!!...
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AERSP_301_HW_4_beam_bending - answer by means of a suitable...

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