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HW_2_Airframe_loads-1 - Fall 2008 Aerospace Structures I HW...

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Fall 2008: Aerospace Structures I HW 2 Date Assigned: Monday, August 31, 2009 Due Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2009 Problem 1 The figure below shows the flight envelope at sea-level for an aircraft of wing span, b , 27.5 m, average wing chord, c , 3.05 m and total weight of 196,000 N. The aerodynamic centre (AC) is 0.915 m forward of the centre of gravity (CG) and the center lift for the tail unit is 16.7 m aft of the CG. The pitching moment coefficient is: positive) up - (nose 0638 . 0 0 , - = M C Both C M,0 and the position of the aerodynamic centre are specified for the complete aircraft less tail unit. For steady cruising flight at sea-level the fuselage bending moment at the CG is 600,000 Nm. Calculate the maximum value of this bending moment for the given flight envelope. For this purpose it may be assumed that the aerodynamic loadings on the fuselage itself can be neglected, i.e. the only loads on the fuselage structure aft of the CG are those due to the tail lift and the inertia of the fuselage. It is highly recommended to draw a free body diagram with applied forces and dimensions.
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