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KING FAHD UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM AND MINERALS University Diploma Programs PHYS 012: Solid State Physics Preparatory Classroom Building, Building # 7, Room # 116. QUIZ # 4 NAME: _____________________________________________ ID: ___________________ ==================================================================== Circle the most accurate answer for each of the following questions Q.1. The β DC of a transistor is its: (a) current gain, (b) voltage gain, (c) power gain, (d) internal resistance. Q.2. If I C is 50 times larger than I B then β DC is: (a) 0.02, (b) 100, (c) 50, (d) 500. Q.3. If the output of a transistor amplifier is 5 V rms and the input is 100 mV rms, the voltage gain is: (a) 5, (b) 500, (c) 50, (d) 100. Q.4. When operated in cutoff and saturation, the transistor acts like: (a) a linear amplifier, (b) a switch, (c) a variable capacitor,
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Unformatted text preview: (d) a variable resistor. Q.5. If the base-emitter junction is open, the collector voltage is: (a) V CC , (b) 0 V, (c) floating, (d) 0.2 V. Q.6. Once in saturation, a further increase in base current will: (a) cause the collector current to increase, (b) not affect the collector current, (c) cause the collector current to decrease, (d) turn the transistor off. Q.7. In cutoff, V CE is: (a) 0 V, (b) minimum, (c) maximum, (d) equal to V CC , (e) answers (a) and (b), (f) answers (c) and (d). ==================================================================== Q.8. Complete the following formulas for an npn transistor, operating in the linear active region: a. V BE = b. I B = ( V BB – V BE )/ c. V CE = V CC – I C Wednesday, 11 December 2002...
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