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Quiz 4_EET022 - (c 100 devices(d 127 devices Q.3 The...

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KING FAHD UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM AND MINERALS University Diploma Programs EET 022: Digital Electronics Circuits Preparatory Classroom Building, Building # 7, Room # 116. QUIZ # 4 NAME: _________________________________ ID: ___________________ ================================================================= Circle the most accurate answer for each of the following questions Q.1. Ideally, the accuracy of a 4-bit DAC is: (a) approximately 3.1%, (b) approximately 0.31%, (c) approximately 6.2%, (d) approximately 0.62%. Q.2. The USB can support up to: (a) 63 devices, (b) 14 devices,
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Unformatted text preview: (c) 100 devices, (d) 127 devices. Q.3. The RS-232C is: (a) a standard interface for parallel data, (b) a standard interface for serial data, (c) an enhancement of the IEEE 488 interface, (d) the same as SCSI. Q.4. Most devices are interfaced to a bus with: (a) totem-pole outputs, (b) tristate drivers, (c) pnp transistors, (d) resistors. Q.5. The type of analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with the fastest conversion time is: (a) flash, (b) stairstep-ramp, (c) tracking, (d) simultaneous-conversion. Wednesday, 01 January 2003....
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