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Quiz 2_EET022 - (c the output follows the input at each...

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KING FAHD UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM AND MINERALS University Diploma Programs EET 022: Digital Electronics Circuits Preparatory Classroom Building, Building # 7, Room # 116. QUIZ # 2 NAME: _________________________________ ID: ___________________ ================================================================= Circle the most accurate answer for each of the following questions Q.1. The invalid state of an S-R latch occurs when: (a) S = l, R = 0, (b) S = 0, R = l, (c) S = l, R = l, (d) S = 0, R = 0. Q.2. For an edge-triggered D flip-flop: (a) a change in the state of the flip-flop can occur only at a clock pulse edge, (b) the state that the flip-flop goes to depends on the D input,
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Unformatted text preview: (c) the output follows the input at each clock pulse, (d) all of these answers. Q.3. A flip-flop is in the toggle condition when: (a) J = l, K = 0, (b) J = l, K= l, (c) J = 0, K = 0, (d) J = 0, K = 1. Q.4. A one-shot is a type of: (a) monostable multivibrator, (b) astable multivibrator, (c) timer, (d) answers (a) and (c), (e) answers (b) and (c). Q.5. The output pulse width of a nonretriggerable one-shot depends on: (a) the trigger intervals, (b) the supply voltage, (c) a resistor and capacitor, (d) the threshold voltage. Saturday, 16 November 2002....
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  • Spring '06
  • Dr.Maghrabi
  • KING FAHD UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM, Multivibrator, Flip-flop, King Fahd University, Diploma Programs EET, clock pulse edge

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