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EET022 Lab0 - 1 Using LEDs switches and 5 Volts power...

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KING FAHD UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM AND MINERALS University Diploma Programs EET-022: Digital Electronic Circuits Preparatory Classroom Building, Portable # 10 Hussein Tawfiq Magharbi (Office: 14/214, Tel: 4010) E-mail: [email protected] Lab Experiment # (0) LOGIC GATES (2). NAME: ___________________________________________ ID: ____________________ ==================================================================
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Using LEDs, switches and +5 Volts power supply verify the truth table of one of the Hex Inverters of the TTL SN74LS04 IC. Fill the beneath associated truth table. Inverter Gates IC Top View Logic Diagram (Symbol) Inputs A Output Y Use H for High, and L for Low to fill the above table (Fill your name and ID and return to instructor on next lab.) Thursday, September 26, 2002. Page (1) of (1)....
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