history assignment - 1

history assignment - 1 - Rashmin K adiwal Note Sources from...

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Unformatted text preview: Rashmin K adiwal Note : - Sources from text, notes and online information. In both Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, religion figured prominently as a motive for settlement. What were the religious beliefs of the settlers in each colony, and how did their beliefs help shape each colony’s development? Ans. Massachusetts:- • The Puritans were the one who established the Massachusetts Bay colony. The puritans migrated to Massachusetts mainly because of religious purification and to create a colony based on their beliefs. • The Puritans wanted everyone to worship in the puritan way. In order to ensure that Puritanism dominated the colonies, non conformists were fined, banished and even imprisoned for not conforming to the way of Puritans. • They wished to create a society without sin. • The Puritans self appointed saints and believed that God had chosen them for a special mission in the world. • The Puritans were real serious about education. • As they were eager for everyone to have the ability to study scripture and so they always insisted on a learned ministry. • The motive to educate was largely religious and so they promoted education facilities. • The Boston Latin School was founded in 1635 and then Harvard was established in 1636. But these schools were not free. • A law was passed requiring that all communities in Massachusetts colony must provide public expenses for public schools. • The puritans also believed that women should defer to men. • Their spiritual aspect of the church and government were connected- If you violate any church laws then the government used to punish for that act. • In forming any new colony, they used to first build church, then school and then develop the colony. Pennsylvania :- • Quakers were the people who settled in the colony of Pennsylvania which was laid out by proprietor William Penn in 1682. • The Quakers wished to be religiously free and their view led them to migrate to America. • William Penn saw Pennsylvania as a holy experiment in popular government and Christian living. • The Quakers dealt fairly with the Indians. Penn purchased the land from the Indians and sold it on general terms to the English. • The Quakers strictly opposed slavery and participating in warfare. • The Quakers also professed pacifism, avoiding paying Taxes to puritans and refused to swear oaths of allegiance to any secular authority....
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history assignment - 1 - Rashmin K adiwal Note Sources from...

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