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Upgrade 1 - is raising his hang therefore he must be seeing...

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Josue G. Roman CS301K Dr. Cathy Stacy Sept. 3, 2006 The key to this riddle is patience. The ten minutes that passed before the third wise man answers, gives us the clue to this riddle, and this is the why. In this enigma we are given the fact that all three wise man have a red dot, so all of them raised their hand when given the question “Raise your hand if you see a red dot”, making this very hard to solve. If instead, one of the three were to have a green dot this would proceed like this. 2 in red, 1in green………one of the man with a red dot sees a green and a red dot so he raises his hand, but he also sees that the other guy with a red dot
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Unformatted text preview: is raising his hang, therefore he must be seeing also a red dot and since the other guy is green, the 1 st guy in read could easily tell his dot is red. However, none of the three wise men were able to resolve the puzzle fast, meaning that it was not the case in which one of them had a green dot. After ten minutes passed, the third wise man realized that if one of them were to have a green dot the question could be easily solve, and he sees the other two guys with red dots still having trouble solving the puzzle, he realized is no the case of the green dot, therefore all three must have a red dot....
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