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0. SPRING 101 syllabus - Sociology 101 Introduction to...

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Sociology 101: Introduction to Sociology Spring 2007 Class Time: 2-2:50 M-F Location: BIO W, Room 208 Instructor: Danielle Hedegard Office: Social Sciences 416 Email: [email protected] Phone: 621-3531 (Department of Sociology) Office Hours: 1-2 pm Mondays, or by appointment Course Website: on d2l Course Description: This course is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of sociology, focusing on the theme of social inequalities. The primary goal is to assist students in gaining an awareness of social realities beyond the “obvious” and expose students to areas of the social world they may know little about. Using this sociological knowledge and perspective as a basis, the course will encourage students to think critically and ask questions about the social world they live in, and show them how this critical thinking can be relevantly applied to their everyday lives and to wider social problems and questions. Course Objectives: By the end of the course students will be familiar with the basic concepts, theories, and methods of sociology. Students will be able to critically examine relevant current problems and issues from a sociological perspective. Students will develop their ability to communicate these ideas clearly in both spoken and written format. Required Texts and Reading Materials: Kendall, D. (2007) Sociology In Our Time: The Essentials. Belmont: Thompson Wadworth. Mountain View, California: Mayfield Publishing Company. ( Indicated as “Kendall” on reading schedule .) Additional readings will be available on the course d2l web site. Some of my lectures will be available on the d2l site as PowerPoints. Course Requirements: 1. Exams : There will be three exams during the course. The exams are not cumulative but students are expected to be able to refer back to previously covered basic concepts when relevant. The exams will consist of multiple choice and short answer questions. They will be closed-book and closed notes. The dates for the exams are listed below on the course schedule. 2. Participation : Active participation by all class members is key for a successful classroom experience and the learning process. Therefore it is essential to read the assigned material prior to class in order to come prepared for discussion. Accordingly, 23 short participation assignments on the readings and/or films will be administered periodically through out the course. These will be collected in order to give you participation credit. I will count 20 of
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0. SPRING 101 syllabus - Sociology 101 Introduction to...

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