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1. Coach Steroid likes his players to be big, fast, and obedient. If player A is better than player B in two of these three characteristics, then Coach Steroid “strictly prefers” player A to player B. Otherwise, Coach Steroid is indifferent between the two players. Wilbur Westinghouse weights 340 pounds, runs very slowly, and is fairly obedient. Harold Hotpoint weighs 240 pounds, runs very fast, and is very disobedient. Jerry Jacuzzi weighs 150 pounds, runs at average speed, and is extremely obedient. a) Does Coach Steroid have transitive preferences with respect to the “at least as good as” operator over these three guys only? After several losing seasons, Coach Steroid decides to change his way of judging players. According to his new preferences, Steroid prefers player A to player B if player A is better in all three of the characteristics that Steroid values. He is indifferent between A and B if they weigh the same, are equally fast, and are equally obedient.
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