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Unformatted text preview: M EMO to: Steve Taylor FROM: RICHARD CARDONA SUBJECT: NEW SERVICE DATE: 07:01:20 Adding a snack bar to the River View Plaza building will be ideal and a benefit for everyone. Some advantages that my proposed service has is making current employees happy; imagine how much employees in River View Plaza would appreciate a snack bar; employees would not have to make any more long trips to get a quick snack or even lunch, nor have to walk all the way down to the first floor to get their lunch and rush to eat it and not enjoy it. The snack bar would be located in the second floor and will be opened to everyone; it will sale beverages, snacks, lunch meals, and will even take large orders for meeting or events for companies in the river view plaza building. The snack bar is something the River View Plaza building is in need of to be complete; many employees and customers will enjoy and appreciate the new service. I invite you to the committee meeting this week to further discuss the new service and to answer any questions you have, I thank you for your time and patience. ...
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