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Pappas 1 Kelcie Pappas 1/22/07 Section #14 JA #6 When first starting an essay out, I first decide what exactly the point is that I want to get across. Then I consider which tools will help me get to that point and what will help the reader understand easier. Once I have all my ideas in place for my introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, and conclusion, I begin to put them down on paper and playing with certain ideas and words to find out where they fit best. My first rough draft is essentially a brainstorm but with more thought. I like to put all my ideas down on my first rough draft because when I get it back after it has been proof read by either one of my peers or my teachers, I like to see as much criticism as possible so my paper can benefit from it. The more criticism there is on a draft, the better because people are instilling new ideas and beneficial knowledge to your paper that can help it become that much better.
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Unformatted text preview: Although we all probably think it, no paper is perfect, not even a final draft, so why not get as much help on it so it is that much more polished in the end. On the second draft, I use the same mentality but obviously construct it much neater and at this point like to have most of my ideas falling right into place making perfect sense to the reader. When I receive this draft back, I know it is time for me to make my final corrections and am confident in doing so because I have received so much feedback on my paper so far. My final draft has covered all areas that were criticized by proof readers, and also any more corrections that I feel will polish my paper into “perfection.” I am a big fan of drafting and hope that we continue that trend this semester in English 102....
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