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Poli Sci Test 2 - POLI 2051 Dr. Kenny Exam 2 review An *...

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POLI 2051 Dr. Kenny Exam 2 review An * means that the question or questions from this section have been particularly problematic in the past. Ch. 5 - Public Opinion What is it? Definition Why is it important? Who is most interested in Public Opinion? Where does it come from? We learn these things; they occur throughout our lives Generational effects Life cycle effects Period effects Political socialization and the agents of socialization family, community, education, peers, etc. Our behavior may also be based on our biology. Nature vs. Nurture - both are important How do we know what it is? We used to have to guess, but now we do polls. How do they work? The statistical theory of sampling What determines the accuracy of a poll? the way the sample is selected the size of the sample the way the survey is put together question wording survey responses on “welfare” vs. “assisting the poor” leading questions social desirability question clarity double-barreled question question require knowledge the person doesn’t have Question ordering Survey responses on question about whether reporters should be able to report the news from other countries as they see fit. How do polls affect opinion? bandwagon and underdog effects, they affect candidates, politicians, media coverage, and even election results.
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Class survey - what did it show? Results are up on Moodle. Besides question wording and ordering…
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Poli Sci Test 2 - POLI 2051 Dr. Kenny Exam 2 review An *...

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