20090831-1A Handout 1 - 8/31/2009 Review questions for Bio...

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8/31/2009 Review questions for Bio 1A Lectures 1-3 1. Phosphodiesterases are enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of phosphodiester bonds. What types of macromolecules could be substrates for phosphodiesterase? 2. There is no shortcut for learning condensation/hydrolysis reactions of carbohydrates. The best way to prep for the exam: Draw a condensation reaction of two a-glucose molecules. Now draw the hydrolysis reaction. Repeat this process ~10 times. 3. What is the net charge of a zwitterion? Let’s say there’s a zwitterion that makes a really good seasoning for salad dressing. Would it dissolve better in the oil or the water part of the dressing? 4. Pick a five-letter word using only letters from the following list (keep it PG- rated): A,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,K,L,M,N,P,Q,R,S,T,V,W,Y Turn to page 5 of the reader. Note that there’s a one-letter code that corresponds to each of the twenty amino acids. Draw a peptide with five subunits that would allow you to communicate this word as a secret message. How would you create a peptide with this sequence? How would you decode a peptide that contained a secret message? 5.
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20090831-1A Handout 1 - 8/31/2009 Review questions for Bio...

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