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Review questions 1

Review questions 1 - with A B C D E disulfidebonds...

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Quaternary structure is present in proteins with___________________ A) disulfide bonds B) prosthetic bonds C) a modified N‐terminal amino acid D) post‐translational modification E) none of the above is correct Proteins that are imported into the mitochondrian A) interact with a cytosolic protein that is required for transport B) are synthesized on bound ribosomes C) are synthesized with a signal sequence D) only A and B are correct E) A, B, and C are correct Phospholipids and steroids are similar in that A) they are both proteins B) they both contain fatty acids C) they both contain phosphate D) they are both insoluble in water E) they both contain a glycerol group Autotrophic prokaryotes contain A) chlorophasts B) and endomembrane system C) ribosomes D) mitochondria E) more than one chromosome Proteins secreted from the cell… A) are transported in vesicles B) are fully synthesizes on free ribosomes C) undergo post‐translational modification D) only A and C are correct E) A,B, and C are all correct Peroxisomes contain proteins that A) are coded for by nuclear genes B)
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