Americas Midterm Review 2

Americas Midterm Review 2 - 07/10/2009 21:55:00 1. Compare...

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Unformatted text preview: 07/10/2009 21:55:00 1. Compare and contrast the levels of development of Europe, Africa, and the New World on the eve of Columbus's Voyage of Discovery. Through the years it has been drilled into students heads that the Europeans were ahead, that they were more developed, more sophisticated than the rest of the world. Europe was actually behind in many levels of development. Many of their accomplishments were actually taken from other parts of the world. Europe was unable to sell anything on the world market except for silver, which was often mined in other places. If Europe had any strength it was in the act of transportation, but the items that were transported were often produced by others. First settlers arrived between 20 and 70 thousand years ago. World in 1492 We challenged the claim that Africa was more tribal than Europe and that it was less developed in terms of mining, metallurgy, civil engineering, textile manufacture, glassmaking, ceramics, irrigation, and chemicals. Challenged certain myths about the New World: o That it was largely unpopulated virgin land; o That prior to contact, indigenous peoples were hunters on horseback and members of small nomadic bands. o Indigenous peoples of the Americas created empires, cities, long distance trade, monumental architecture, and developed some of the worlds most important food crops. o Europe: Conflict with the Islamic world and neighboring nations led Europe to develop superior military technology. 80 years before Columbus, China had a much larger fleet that was more capable of world exploration. Europe was not more advanced or modern than other civilizations in the eastern or western hemisphere and had no unique inner potential for future development. Colonialism was the key to Europes rise to power. Europe was already engaged in long distance trade. This was more easily tied to the new world. The Europeans had gunpowder and guns and other well developed methods of killing. o Used dogs to subdue native peoples o Purpose of their warfare was to kill people. o The notion for scalping had been practiced in Europe before it was practiced in the Americas. It was a European invention. The Chinese invented gunpowder, but had not used gunpowder in guns....
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Americas Midterm Review 2 - 07/10/2009 21:55:00 1. Compare...

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