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UH Academic Honesty Policy - THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON...

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Revision Date: August 21, 2006 Page 1 of 7 THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON ACADEMIC HONESTY POLICY - Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost - Article 1. General Provisions 1.01 Rationale. The university can best function and accomplish its objectives in an atmosphere of high ethical standards. It expects and encourages all students, faculty and staff to contribute to such an atmosphere in every way possible and especially by observing all accepted principles of academic honesty. It is recognized, however, that a large university will include a few students who do not understand, appreciate, and practice these principles. As a consequence, alleged cases of academic dishonesty will inevitably occur, and students will be accused. The following procedures are designed to handle these cases in fairness to all concerned: the accused student, the faculty, and the university. 1.02 General Jurisdiction. Matters relating to academic honesty are within the general jurisdiction of the senior vice president for academic affairs and Provost. Allegations of scientific misconduct against students engaged in research supported by funding from the university or other sources will be handled according to the University of Houston Ethical Conduct in Academic Research and Scholarship Policy (contact the Division of Research at (713) 743-9222 for a paper copy or at www.research.uh.edu on the World Wide Web). 1.03 College with Jurisdiction. Specific jurisdiction in academic honesty matters rests in each school or college of the university. The school or college with jurisdiction is determined by the course in which dishonesty occurs. If the student involved majors in a college other than that offering the course, the college offering the course has jurisdiction, but the Dean of the student’s major college will be informed. If the college with jurisdiction cannot be determined from the relationship between the alleged actions of a student or group of students and a particular course, then the Provost will designate which has jurisdiction. 1.04 Colleges to which the Policy Applies. The policy on academic honesty applies to all colleges within the university. However, any college may present to the Provost a code separate from this university policy. After approval by the Provost, and after such publication as the Provost shall direct, academic honesty matters over which that college has jurisdiction shall be governed by that code. Honor systems within the professional colleges are especially encouraged. 1.05 Questions Regarding Applicability of Policies. All questions regarding the applicability of college codes or university policy or special provisions of either shall be determined finally by the Provost. 1.06 Compass of Actions Taken Against Students.
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UH Academic Honesty Policy - THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON...

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