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3321_syllabus - MATH 3321 SECTION 19462 Online Engineering...

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MATH 3321, SECTION 19462 Online Engineering Math, Spring 2009 C OURSE S YLLABUS Instructor: Mirza Nofil Barlas Email: [email protected] Course Homepage: http://math.uh.edu/ ~ nbarlas/3321.html CourseWare: www.casa.uh.edu Overview This is a 14 week online course offered by the Department of Mathematics, University of Houston. We have created a course that has many of the features of a face-to-face class. There are certain special requirements for an online class and a detailed description of all aspects of the course is given below. Course Homepage and CourseWare It is highly recommended that you check the course homepage (listed above) and the CourseWare page at least once a day during the Semester. This will allow you to stay up to date with assign- ments, homework and announcements. The course homepage will provide you with access to online sessions, homework assignments, the syllabus, online lectures and useful links. The CourseWare account will provide you with access to exams, poppers, a homework assignment upload facility, a discussion board, the text and an exam scheduler. You will need to register for a CourseWare account in the first week of the Spring 2009 semester. Text Online Text , Available online on http://online.math.uh.edu/Math3321/index.html Note: You do not need to purchase this text. It can be accessed electronically using the link given above. System Requirements and Equipment Since this is an online class there are certain special requirements. You must have access to a computer and a fast internet connection. Broadband, Cable and DSL connections are the best for this. Good dial-up connections are also suitable. You will need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.1 or higher which is available for free from http://www.adobe.com. You will need access to a printer and scanner so that you can complete your written homework and turn it in electronically. Alternatively, you can use a free writing software and a writing tablet to 1
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work with the homework directly on your computer. More information about this is available on the course homepage.
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