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img115 - nter 2007 Exam 2 Name(last first M L 211 Trans...

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Unformatted text preview: nter 2007 Exam 2 Name: (last. first) M L 211 Trans. Engineering g) State the appropriate UNIT and the typical RANGE (minimum and maximum values) for the following variables: (3 point) TrafficFlow kk.d¢5/fw / 0—2500 VC‘I/‘Lr / . K . /”Z:y’ Traffic Density Venom/Ml? 0’@V€Q Mr 6’}; Free flow-speed {mph _. a’é’a “7/4 / h) Determine (a) the hourly volume, (b) the peak rate of flow within the hour, and (c) the peak hour factor if the three consecutive 20 minute volume observed during the morning peak hour equals 200, 400 and 600 vehicles. (3 points) ‘1)— r- b “:3: --—;——, i) State the commonly used color combinations and dra the shapes for the traffic signs used in pedestrian crossings and construction zones (3 pow? P-EOLIJ'TY'rec-‘h MIWV 1"wa COKWMJ-‘fib'fl" OI/RVLJc' flgflyw “Jaw lfks /’ s-zw ...
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