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IMG - Fall 2006 Exam 2 Name(last first CE 211 Trans...

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Unformatted text preview: Fall 2006 Exam 2 Name: (last, first) , CE 211 Trans. Engineering Problem 1 (39 points) Circle the answer a) Directional design hourly volume (DDHV) is based on the following peak hourly volume of . the design year? (2 point) A) 30‘h j7 68‘h l C) 85th ) 90th b) The mean speed of vehicles passing a fixed point on the highway is given by (2 point): a. Overall running speed b. Space mean speed - CED Time mean speed d. None of the above c) Which of the following is not true when discussing Roundabouts (2 point): @ Yield control is used on all entries 75B) Traffic flows either clockwise or counterclockwise C) Is gaining increased popularity in Missouri D) Slows traffic down d) What are the main types of intersection control? (2 point) d; [l Cl 3 WAS 9 in”)? ‘§\ (3‘05 gi 0)wgro\\6 ...
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